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Tea Infused Chocolate
Toffee Almonds

Indulgent snacking with the benefits of tea!

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Energize. Enhance. Indulge. 

Who says you can't have an indulgent chocolate treat with great benefits? 
Our triple infused chocolate toffee almonds satisfy your sweet tooth cravings while ensuring your body is benefiting!


Non-GMO Chocolate

With our own health and taste buds as inspiration, we find the best ingredients possible like our Non-GMO Dark Chocolate to ensure every bite is delectably sweet and safe for our bodies.


Real Ingredients

Using only 100% real raspberries, the natural colour and flavour is hard to resist. Raspberries contains powerful antioxidants - helping to decrease heart disease, obesity, and diabetes while increasing energy, and promoting healthy complexion.



Rooibos tea is packed with 50% more antioxidants than Green tea. It contains so many health benefits such as helping with digestion and supporting strong bones.


Natural Booster

Our Organic Japanese Matcha is of high quality, grown with only natural organic fertilizers and no agricultural chemicals or pesticides. It is packed with antioxidants which helps boosts metabolism, burn calories, and detoxifies effectively and naturally. There are many amazing benefits that come with Matcha!


High in Fibre

The heart of every infusion round is the all-natural Almond. Our almonds give this treat a sensational crunch to balance the delicious Non-GMO Dark Chocolate coating. Almonds contain lots of fibre and helps in boosting our energy and immune system.